Q:  Why should I hire Margaret Thompson of Designmark?

A:  I absolutely guarantee your total satisfaction.  I listen to you, interpret your wants and needs, deliver work that is creative, versatile and imbued with a sense of fun and humor, as well as on time and on budget.  

Q:  Who will be my contact?

A:  I will be the primary person who will handle your project, with help from my staff.  There will always be immediate contact with you on your project with a current knowledge of the status of your job. 

Q:  What if I don't know what style I like?

A:  This is a common question.  At the very beginning I sit down with you and assess your situation.  At this critical meeting we discuss your needs and go through magazine pictures you have brought with you.  I will work tirelessly to achieve a design plan that will evoke your personality and will give you the end result you desire.

Q:  How long will this take?  Can it be done for Christmas?

A:  Most projects take from 4-6 months.  So best to start well ahead of any important event.  An August start is a good rule of thumb for a Christmas completion.

Q:  What if I don't like a certain sofa after it is delivered?

A:  Your job isn't completed until YOU say it is.  If we have to take back an item that fails to meet your expectations, we will accept that responsibility.  We work with you until you are satisfied.

Q:  How do we communicate with you during our design job?

A:  We are part of the modern world.  I have a cell phone, faxes, e-mail and overnight delivery services.  Most importantly, I like to meet face-to-face.  You will always have a response on the day you call.  Guaranteed.

Q:  Do you provide other services?

A:  I do space planning for new kitchens and bathrooms, fixed finish selections, lighting plans, special cabinetry design and furniture design.

Q:  Is my job too small?

A:  I work on both small and large design projects.  Every client and every project is important to me.  Every job gets the same attention to detail.

Q:  How do you bill?

A:  We charge retail for interior design furnishings.  Design hours are included in the purchase prices and are not billed to the client.  Design work that does not include purchases is billed on an hourly fee basis.  The client is billed on a monthly basis and is sent an invoice itemizing every item purchased as well as any hourly time.  The third option is an hourly fee plus a percentage over cost.